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About Us

Hey!  We're the Sierra's. We're a Florida family of 4, who love to take family vacays and explore new places.  

Where it all began

After Eric and I were dating for a couple months Eric suggested we take a short trip to Orlando to go to Universal Studios and Cirque de Soleil. Little did he know that was just the beginning!  I grew up traveling and was so happy he suggested we do something outside of Sarasota. That was the first of many adventures and there are still more to come!  

The early years 

During the first few years of our relationship we found ourselves planning more and more adventures on our own and with family & friends.  We got engaged on vacay, married at our favorite beach destination and had a two week honeymoon that we still talk about 8 years later! 



We both agreed that when we had kids we wanted to show them the world.  You & Me, by Dave Matthews, was our wedding song - here are a few lyrics to show you why.

"Want to pack your bags, something small
Take what you need and we disappear
Without a trace, we'll be gone, gone
The moon and the stars will follow the car

And then when we get to the ocean
Gonna take a boat to the end of the world
All the way to the end of the world

Oh, and when the kids are old enough
We're gonna teach them to fly"

Travel with kids

Fast forwarding to the present and life with kids.  We started traveling with our son when he was 4 months old. Some of our early adventures were close to home, some of them we WAY overpacked and some weren't what we expected! But we did it and we had fun along the way.  Our kids are now 4 & 6 and we feel like it's getting easier and we can have bigger adventures!  

So follow along and I'll share with you some of our awesome family vacays - places to go, travel tips & tricks and new things we are learning as we go!  



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